What is MOBA gaming

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What is MOBA gaming?

A MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a type of online. The game came to being as a moderate for Warcraft III and is now being perceived as a gaming revolution. The game is more of an â€enemy capture base’ where one plays as part of a team which is usually five people. Members struggle for resources and defense, and each is against others in a limited space.

The primary aim of the players is to guard their home base against being damaged by the other teams and to destroy the opponent’s base. The one that destroys the other’s base first wins.

In the game, players earn equipment, skills and new abilities, and experience points.

The game may sound simple, but it offers an incredibly challenging and competitive experience which can play a vital role in real life experiences.

League of Legends is currently the biggest title in MOBA field. It strikes a good balance between twitching skills and tactical play giving an experience which leaves everyone feeling the niche. Others include Blizzard, Starcraft makers, and Warcraft games

One unique aspect of this game is that it is evolving so rapidly, but still, there are some similarities between the games.

There are two main features of MOBA game;

1. Lanes

The concept of ’lanes’ is one of the main features of MOBA. It has NPC minions that spawn periodically and moves along one of the three paths towards the enemy base. These tracks are also used to array the defense. Much of the game entails defending and attacking along these lanes and supporting the minion troops.

The player character freely navigates the map, and while doing so, one usually engages in much of the fights with the rival players along the lanes

2. Heroes

Heroes can be customized, and their major role is to level up. One can pick heroes that play different roles, such as support character, ranged attack and melee attacker. As the game continues, these heroes gain new abilities. This can make each game to be different based on the heroes that a team opts and the way they work as a team.

Heroes are purchased with both real cash and in-game currency.

Key characteristics.

· Team cooperation; MOBA games consist of two opposing teams with each having between two and six people. Players must cooperate to defeat the opponent.

· Creeps; Some MOBAs have neutral creeps in between lanes, and this area is commonly referred to as â€jungle.’ A hero gains experience by killing these creeps thereby gaining more abilities.

· Mini Maps; these enable ambush attacks on the rivalry team where they least expect.

· Weapon enhancement; weapons can be bought. With correct ingredients, players can mix to create new weapons that are more powerful

· Automatic resource generation; players accumulate currencies by assembling killstreaks and by the passage of time. These currencies can be used to purchase items and weapons

· Powerups: most MOBAs consists powerups strewn along the map. Mostly, they are found between the lanes. They are often used to augment the heroes for short burns.

MOBAs often takes between 30 minutes to an hour to complete, therefore taking longer than most RTS games.

Here are some examples of MOBA Games:


This is a mobilke version of the original PC style MOBA game Legaue of Legends. We never thought anyone could get this style of game onto a mobile, but they have and what a game it is! If you want to get straight into the game play example skip the first few minutes of this video.



Dota 2 is available now both on desktop and mobile. The mobile version is owned by a different company for the time being. There has been some disputes about who has the rights over the nobile version DOTA. For now, here is a vid of the real thing.



This is a first person shootem MOBA game. It has hit the online gaming market by storm and is to say the least – AMAZING! Check it out for yourself.