What is MOBA Boosting?

Overwatch, Dota and League of Legends all have boosting. They are a great way to get your LOl account into a better division, your Dota and Overwatch accounts with better MMR. The lower your division or MMR, the lower the ability is of the players that you will play against. Boosting is also found in Dota 2 as well as in the game Overwatch. They are all similar MOBA games that have teams of players enter a game together and fight it out to survive and destroy the other team.

Also, if you happen to get involved in team games, you will also be paired up with players with a lower ability. Of course, with team games this is not always the case. That is because you may be playing in a team game with a friend that already has a high ranking on the game. Check out Overwatch Boosting for more information and then come back here to read on.

In the case of playing with a team mate that has a higher ability than yourself, the overall rating of all players will be evened out. That means that you will most likely be playing against a set of players with a higher ability than yours.

You need remember 2 important aspects:

There are solo games and there are party games. Both are scored separately in ranked games. This would mean you would have one rating for your party play and another rating for your solo play.

1. Solo

In a Solo game you are playing alone. That means you are an individual being matched up against another set of individuals. You will not have played with players before. You are all pooled together according to your ability. This makes the match fair.

The problem is that if League of Legends has given a very low rating, you will find yourself in a game with what is know as noobs. When you have noobs in a game, it can be frustrating if you have taken the time to learn the game and improve yourself as a player.

Why? Because you will find the other players in your team are not so keen on learning the game. Thus, those players make a lot of mistakes and can cost you the game.

You may play a perfect game, but your team mates may feed the other team. Feeding is basically giving the other team kills. This means they get to level up quicker and learn new skills and get more kills. In addition, the other team will be able to buy more items giving them even further ability to kill more effectively.

If you hire a boosting service, then a pro will come and play your account. When that pro plays your account, he/she will increase your ranking so you no longer have to play with noobs. Well that is at least the theory.

2. Party

Your party rank in LOL is different to your solo rank. When you play a ranked game with a friend, then you will both enter the game as a party. You can have 2 to 5 players in your party. That means if you win as a team, you will all gain an increase in your rank. On the contrary, if you lose, you all decrease in rank.

The same problems occur with noobs in these games as well. To give you an example of this, you may go into a game as a party of 3. The other 2 players matched with you may be bad players and cost all 3 of you rank penalties.

How can this happen? If the players in your party have a very high rank, but you have a low rank, then LOL’s game selector needs to even this out. They may give the opposing team a fairly evenly matched team – so all round they are pretty good because your other party members have high rank.

The result is your team may get 2 very horrible players to compensate for the 2 experienced players in your party. Now you may hope that your 2 experienced players will have enough experience and skill to counter the other team’s lower ability.

This is not always the case. In fact quite rarely. The 2 lower scored players on your team could feed the other team with kills so much so that the lack of skill on your opponent’s team will be made up with items.

In the end you end up 2 or 3 versus 5 in team fights simply because the 2 noobs places in your team are ineffective in team fights.

Hiring a boosting service to increase your rank as a party player may be the solution here. After all, you don’t want your friends avoiding party games with you because of the aforementioned disadvantages of match making.

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With LOL boosting or LOL boost websites, you can increase your ability so you get matched with better players.

See some noobs in action!