TheOneSpy Mac Monitoring Software Review

TheOneSpy is a mid-range tracking software intended for employers and parents to supervise activities performed on a MAC computer. The software offers more features than that of traditional computer spy software. Once the software is installed on the targeted mac device, the end-user can monitor and control that device from the online account of the app. There are monthly, quarterly and bi-annual subscriptions of the mac surveillance software.

What are Core Features?
What follows is the detail of the core features of mac monitoring app. Check it out!
Monitor Internet Use
Since the app is intended for employers, it offers a wide range of tools to monitor the productivity of employees. An employer can use this app to track the involvement of employees in productive and unproductive activities. The app monitors the internet use of employees and provides user-friendly statistics showing the time, date and frequency of visiting websites and searching information on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Block Websites
You can block all the websites that restrain your employees from being productive and motivated to work. If your workers spend most of their working hours on updating their social media profiles or watching their favorite videos on YouTube, you can prevent them from using social media sites and video streaming services on Mac computers with the website blocking feature of the computer spy software.

Track Emails and Keylogger
You employees can intentionally or accidentally put the company data on risk. They may respond to phishing emails or communicate the confidential company information to competitors. This is why it is crucial to never let any email remain out of your sight. You can monitor all the incoming and outgoing emails of your employees from your own device and can even get the email addresses, usernames and passwords of all of their online accounts once operated on the monitored mac device.

Whatever appears on the screen of a monitored mac device can be tracked with screenshots. You can send a command to the monitored device to take screenshots to let you know what your worker is doing on the computer in real-time. The app takes multiple screenshots with a specified interval and stores these screenshots on the online account.

Screen Recording
Similar to screenshots, you can send a command to the targeted mac device to record screen and let you see and listen what is being played or watched on the computer in real-time. You can also schedule these screen recordings. The recorded files get stored on the online account from where these can be downloaded.

Listen to Surrounding Sounds
The mac monitoring software comes preloaded with the bugging feature that lets you control the microphone and camera of the monitored device. You can turn on the microphone of mac device remotely and can see what your target is speaking. You can listen and record the voices and sounds hearable near the mac device.

Record Surrounding Scenes
The Camera Bug feature lets you remotely capture photos and record videos of the device surroundings. These photos and short videos enable you to detect the activities of your unproductive employees. These media files get stored on the online account from where these can be downloaded.

Compatible Devices

It is compatible with MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac mini.

The supported macOS versions are 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12.


The MAC Monitoring Software is priced at $25 for one month, $50 for three months and $75 for the six-month subscription.

The Bottom Line
There are scores of mac monitoring app readily available but TheOneSpy is a reliable, secure and midrange app for kids and employee monitoring.