The Top Mobile Games For Android & Apple Devices

The Google Play Store and iOS App Store are full of mobile games, but neither would it be possible nor would it be worthwhile to download them all. Even though games for Android and Apple devices have not been getting their due as of lately, the excitement and fun that the world of mobile gaming offers has not diminished. If you are considering downloading and installing a game (or a bunch of games) on your Android or Apple mobile device, below are some of the best ones in 2016 to choose from.

Pokemon Go

Everyone reading this probably already know about this one, considering the amount of buzz it generated and how popular it has become. Sure, the game is rather buggy, but it also happens to be a Pokemon-related game and is nothing like any of the other titles below, which makes it quite worthwhile. Pokemon Go almost brings the the concept of pocket monster hunting to the real world, prompting players to take a step outside and actually travel far and wide in search of rare Pokemon.

This game has already been downloaded more 100 million times and can prove to be quite a treat for Pokemon fans. Get the Pokemon Go download here.

Party Hard Go

This is a stealth game full of dark humor and it is not quite like other games of this genre. Usually, the goal in stealth games is to infiltrate something or the other, but that is not the case with this game. The title is referring to the player’s neighbors in the game, who have been partying hard and loud, so the player has to go on a murderous rampage and kill them all. However the catch is that the player must avoid getting spotted while in the act of killing, because this will lead to getting caught and put an end to the murder spree. Hence, there is a lot of stopping and observing involved.


This mobile game is somewhat of a simpler combination of Jetpack Joyride and VVVVV, involving the use of just two buttons. While it quickly becomes obvious that this game is influenced by the two aforementioned titles, there is also plenty that sets it apart. The player’s character has a gun that is used for flying. Using those two buttons, the player has to quickly decide when to use the gun to fly and when to use it to destroy obstacles in the way. Of course, players have to make that decision in a matter of a second, which makes the game quite challenging and fun to play.

Riptide GP: Renegade

The graphics of this game are so eye-catching and specular, you would probably think it would be impossible to play it on a mobile devices, but it is actually a mobile game. In this game, players take on the role of a disgraced racer who was a champion of these races that involve futuristic jet-ski-like vehicles. In order to reach their former status as a champion, players have to compete in the races and come out victorious, while also defeating the various bosses that appear throughout the game.

Real Money Games

Real money gaming operators put a lot of time and effort into the mobile apps that run the games they offer. Many of these games can be played for free just by joining up to the operator’s website. Therefore, you can gurantee a quality gaming experience absolutly free. The games have had a considerable amount invested into them because the real money gaming operators want their games to attract players that will lay down real money wagers.

All the games offered are usually very popular with real money players. The design, graphics and multi-platform mobile/desktop capabilities are breathtaking and come with no expense spared. Expect these games to work perfectly on almost any device. You can check out this website that advertsies iOS and Android Casinos in Malaysia. There are also other sites out there that offer more SCR888 downloads.

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Whether you download one or all of the above mobile games onto your device, you can be certain that you will remain occupied and enjoy yourself playing the game of your choice on your mobile device.