Soccer Stars is Becoming a Hit Facebook Game

If you are into your Facebook games, then look at Soccer Stars. It is a game that is a cross between the virtual pool, hockey, and football that has taken Facebook gaming by storm. All players need to do is sign up via their Facebook account, download the app on iOS, Android, or Windows to begin their Soccer Stars account at level 1.

There is a huge community of players now connected to this game. This community is worldwide so as long as you have an internet connection, then you will be able to play from anywhere in the world. You will also be playing against players from all over the world. You can check your opponent’s stats and as long as the player is not a guest, then you will be able to see where they are from.

On top of this, many people can look at the Facebook account of the person they are playing and make a friend request if they wish. You can then challenge your Facebook friends to games rather than playing versus random players. Initially, if a friend did not invite you to play the game, you will be randomly matched against other players you do not know.

The idea of Soccer Stars is that you share your interest in the game and get your friends to sign up so you can swap coins with each other and play against each other for bragging rights.

Soccer Stars can be Played on Desktop or Mobile Devices

The beauty of this game and a good reason why it has come into popularity is that it can be played on almost any device that connects to the internet. The graphics are smooth and to be honest they do not need to be overly great because the game is quite simple.

Regardless of the device that you play on, the game is very smooth, and only occasionally will you experience any lag which is mainly due to a bad internet connection.

How to Play

Basically, as this is a football/soccer game there is a football pitch and a goal on either side. The sides of the pitch are solid, so you can bounce your players or the ball off the side of the pitch. This is much like a pool where you can make a shot that doubles or triples off the side of the table and into the pocket. However, rather than having pockets as in a game of pool, you have a goal (as already mentioned).

The idea is that you build up your understanding of the game through practice. That is to say that you need to figure out the angles in order to make accurate shots and score a goal. Just like a game of pool, the more you play, the more natural the game becomes and with experience, you will be pulling off some amazing shots from what initially appear like an impossible angle.

To win you need to score 2 goals and in some games, you will need to score 3 goals. The first to the set number of goals will win coins.

You will have to master defensive manoeuvres to make sure your opponent is not given open space to fire a goal with a direct line of site. You will also need to become very smart at doubling shots off the side of the pitch to etch out goals from awkward positions.

What are Coins on Soccer Stars?

The idea of Soccer Stars is to win as many coins as possible and build up a huge bank account. The more coins you have, the more coins you can win by betting the coins on games versus other players. You can also award your friend’s coins or make a cash purchase using PayPal or credit card to increase the number of coins you have.

How do I win more Coins?

You can gain coins in many ways. There are challenges that you can take that will test your skills at the game. One such challenge is to score as many goals in as little time as possible to win prizes. However, the best way to win coins is by playing against other players and winning.

There are several countries that you can play in:

  • Brazil – 25 Coins Entry Fee (2 goals wins) – Prize 50 coins
  • South Africa – 100 Coins Entry Fee (2 goals wins) – Prize 200 coins
  • Russia – 500 Coins Entry Fee (3 goals wins) – Prize 1,000 coins
  • Korea Japan –2,500 Coins Entry Fee (3 goals win) – Prize 5,000 coins
  • Qatar – 3,000 Coins Entry Fee (1 goal wins) – Prize 6,000 coins
  • Mexico – 5,000 Coins Entry Fee (Best score in 3 minutes) – Prize 10,000 coins
  • England – 10,000 Coins Entry Fee (3 goals wins) – Prize 20,000 coins
  • Italy – 50,000 Coins Entry Fee (2 goals wins) – Prize 100,000 coins

You will need to have enough coins to enter each competition. As you can see, there is a coin’s entry fee as well as prize money. Effectively a win means that you will double your coins. Before you play there are 3 main factors you need to consider.

  1. The entry fees
  2. How many goals you need to score to win
  3. The prize at the end of the game

If you lose, then your entry fee is transferred to the winner of the game. For beginners at level 1, it is recommended that you begin at the lowest level, which is Brazil and as you become more skillful at the game, then you can increase the amount you want to bet. Players betting the higher amounts may be a lower level than you, but they can still be very good, or they would not be betting such high amounts on the entry fee.

The All-In Challenge

There is an all-in challenge. This is where you bet all the coins that you have on a game. The minimum is 1,000 coins and you will be matched versus someone with a similar amount to you on the all-in game. At the end of the game, someone will lose all the coins that have built up over the course of their gaming experience on Soccer Stars.

Levelling Up

Each time you win a game or gain experience playing, your level will increase. This is just an indicator of how often your opponent has played Soccer Stars. For the most part, you will be matched up versus players of an equal level to you. When you start to get to higher levels, you will not be so closely matched, and the levels are more evenly spread in terms of skill.

An example of this would be that a level 40 player may be as good as a level 50 player, or a level 50 player as good as a level 60 player. The tiered levels can be quite spread out in this way and generally in my experience, most of the time the higher-level player will win – naturally!

Chatting with other players

You cannot directly type and chat with other players. However, there are some chat options, so you can semi-communicate with your opponent. Terms such as well player, oops, great shot, you are good can be used as pre-defined phrases. This is pretty well thought out because it stops the banter and often rude comments that can be made by some players that have full chat access to some social games.

Overall, this is an awesome game that has been introduced as a social networking challenge. It is a lot of fun and it will spark the interest of a wide range of spots players. Hockey, Snooker, Pool, and Football/Soccer players alike will all have fun playing Soccer Stars because of its unique style that has been rolled into a challenging game.