We Review The Best Shark Games Online

Shark related games are amazingly popular. Even my son plays shark games with his mum – namely Hungry Shark Evolution. The shark themed games seem to be extremely popular these days and reminds me of back in the day when the dolphin game “Echo the Dolphin” was also very popular.

It makes sense that any games that are based on underwater adventures have become popular as “Echo the Dolphin” proved. Now shark games are the new trend whereby online and mobile gaming designers can’t seem to fail!

How Did Shark Week Came to Be Famous?

If you are not interested in how Shark Week became a real week in our year, then you can skip to our game reviews right below.

We can dedicate Shark Week to Discovery’s Shark Week book written by Martha Brockenbrough. They invented the concept that suddenly became momentously popular. Shark Week covers several Sharks including the Great White Shark all the way down to the Whorl Shark.

Shark Week BookYou will find tons of pictures of different sharks in the book along with facts about their weight, number of teeth, habitat, diet and more. It even talks about sharks that apparently live in volcanos – they must like the heat! One of the most interesting subjects in the book is really what makes it so popular.

Shark Week’s book also tells true stories of real life shark attacks.

Let’s Celebrate Shark Week with Shark Games!

For those budding shark fans out there, check out the games we have found on the net that have sharks in them. All these games are available to play via mobile while on the move!

Shark Mountain

This is a game of a defensive shark as opposed to the shark being the aggressor. There is a good reason for this and that is us humans. We humans are trying to overtake Shark Mountain, and you as Sir Shark’s trusty companion control Sir Shark to help him stop the humans blowing up the mountain.

Luckily for you Sir Shark has a set of razor sharp teeth that the humans cannot seem to stop – persistence is the name of the game here.
Before you get going on this awesome game, check out the animated introduction!

Shark Bait

Remarkably Shark Bait is a little like hungry Shark. In fact, there is not much difference at all to be honest aside from the fact a different producer means a slightly different underwater theme. That’s pretty much about it. To survive as the shark, you need to eat as many human divers and seal as possible.

The longer you go without food, the more life and energy your shark will lose until eventually he will fade away with hunger and die.

Surfs Up

Well this is a surfing game. However, there are sharks lurking in the water. The game is allegedly built around the film “Surfs Up”; a surfing film ironically enough. Dodge the sharks and learn magnificent surf moves along the way to complete the game.

You will need to navigate through markers and pull off some tricks in the air to build up points. You will also get to surf the huge tidal wave found on the side of the game. Cool if you are a surfer or if you have any remote interest in surfing.

You can probably complete this game in a day, but despite it being a game that is short lived, it is also quite fun to pass some time.

Nemo’s Revenge: The Quest for The Lost Pearl

Again, sharks are not really the main theme of this game, but there are sharks there trying to ravage you. That is sharks along with other man eating fish that are trying to rip you apart.

All you need to do is defend yourself and shoot down the offending creatures as quickly as possible to stop them getting close to you. This is another game that can be played just to pass the time. It is by no mean innovative, but at least a bunch of us at the office enjoyed battling it out to see who could get the highest score!

Medieval Shark

At last, back to shark week related games! As if sharks were not already equipped for hunting with razor sharp teeth, Medieval Shark takes the sharks predatory cunning one step further. How does it do this you may ask? Well this Shark has an Axe on his head – yes, an Axe!

It sounds ludicrous, and it is, but at the same time it is a lot of fun.

Your mission in this game is literally destroy everything and anything you across that can be destroyed using your head axe. You will be axing your way through princesses and kings for a start! Then of course where would a shark be without having time to use his axe to kill sea snakes and dragon worms?

A weird shark game that someone has invented because he or she just had too much time on their hands. Probably a game invested while the designer was high or something. Still it is well worth a go for the novelty factor involved.

Where can I find shark games?

If you want a decent place to go any play shark games, then click here for all the games reviewed above.

Some Great Facts About Sharks

Just to round off our Shark Week celebrations here, let’s have a look at some really cool shark facts:

• There are over 350 different types of sharks
• The largest shark is not a meat eater and is known as a Whale Shark
• Science tells us sharks date back as many as 400,000,000 years!
• Most sharks will get through more than 20,000 teeth before they die
• Carful now! Sharks have a strong sense of smell that reaches up to mile away
• Sharks do not have bones – instead it is a more flexible material called cartilage

Our Number 1 Rated Shark Game: Hungry Shark Evolution

Out of all the shark games played in mobile, not much seems to be able to beat the “Hungry Shark Evolution” Games. We have saved this for those of you that managed to make it this far into this blog post.

Why write about it when you check it out for yourself in video below.

If you want to download Hungry Shark, just go to your Google Play App on your Android or your Apple iStore and search for the game. You will be able to download it instantly.

Have a great day!