Samsung Smart Watch

The Latest in Gaming Technology – Samsung Smart Watch

After the smartphone came out you would have thought that accessing the internet or playing games could not be achieved on a screen smaller than a phone. Well any of us that thought smartphones were it, then, we were all wrong. The Smartwatch era is here.

OK so the virtual 3D glasses may contest our comments, but in all honesty, these are still big in comparison to a Smart Watch.

What is the Samsung Smartwatch?

For those of you that are not yet privy to the latest watches on the market, the Samsung Smartwatch is effectively a smartphone on your wrist. It is a digit touchscreen device with a clock face no bigger than any other watch face.

Back in the day, the closest anyone came to this kind of watch technology was the – and wait for it – “Calculator Watch”.

Now I am probably showing my age now because I don’t even know if calculator watches still exist, but I do remember back in the late eighties and early nineties my school friend rocking up into class with his brand new ‘Casio Calculator Watch’. We were all amazed, and I am sure like myself, every school kid was going home to their parents asking for exactly the same watch – and that started the trend of the calculator watch.

Fast forward, and we are 2 decades into the 21st century and we have the smartwatch. It has a calculator you can be sure of that – even a scientific calculator, but that is the least of its technological attractions.

  • Fully synced calendars
  • Email – with voice reply
  • Microsoft Apps (Outlook)
  • Internet Browsers
  • A mini telephone
  • iPod capabilities
  • Background Image Changes
  • Games
  • The last one on the list is the most important of all to us. The fact that the Samsung Smartwatch also comes with the ability to play games – because we love technology of course, but we also love games!

    Games for Samsung Smartwatch

    We looked at some of the games that can be played via your Samsung Smartwatch, and we were amazed.

    Fruit Ninja App

    Now we have been told it can be a bit slow to run on the watch, but you can still get into action with the Fruit Ninja slicing up melons and pineapples vying for the highest score.

    Avalon II Slot App

    This is a well-known online slot that can also be played for real money. However, the nice thing about these virtual slot machines is the fact that the producers, Microgaming, allow players to play their games for free too. That means you get the same high-quality entertainment as a real money slot player would – but for free.

    Snakes Game App

    A little tricky to play on a smartwatch, but all the same the snake style games are fun. For some reason, at least for me, the games simplicity is just so addictive. The longer the snake gets, the better and sharper your movement needs to be, or you will crash into yourself or into the wall!

    What Other Apps Are There for the Samsung Smartwatch

    We actually did a bit of research and found the best site that gave some great advice about Samsung Watches was, a pretty cool site that reviews all the Samsung watches available on the market

    Here are some of the apps they suggested that we also like:
    Uber App

    I can only say wow to this one. How handy is Uber! The fact that you can order a taxi from your watch is amazing. Especially since Smartphones seem to let us down so often these days when it comes to battery power.

    Twitter Trends App

    If you want to keep with Donald Trump’s Tweets or whatever else is trending on one of the worlds’ most popular Social Media apps, then the Samsung watch means you don’t have to keep on getting your phone out of bag or your pocket. A quick flick of the wrist and either via voice command or touch, you can bring up the #trendingtoday Twitter tags.

    Chat Hub App

    Now this is amazing if you ask me. Click on the ‘Chat Hub’ and all your chat apps can be stored here. Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp, and loads more. Once again, another handy dandy feature to have on your wrist watch if your smartphone happens to let you down – as they usually do.

    eBay App

    Not that I use eBay in the slightest, nonetheless, I can see why it is so useful. Well, this is just another feature on the Samsung Smartwatch. In the middle of trying to outbid someone else in an auction – smartphone foes dead – no worries – log onto your Smartwatch Ebay account and get that item!

    Photo Watch Pro App

    No way! A camera on your phone. No, it is isn’t!!! It is basically a photo management system. You can store photos on your watch and then change the background of your watch. How cool is that – it is like wearing a new watch every day!


    Obviously a very cool app because you can track your health. I have tried this on my own Samsung phone, but for some reason I am too lazy to keep it on track. However, if I had this on my watch, I think I might be a little more inclined to use it – as after all it is a simple tap of a button.

    You can keep track of how much water you drink each day, has recipes for weight loss, and loads of other handy dietary and fitness tools that can help you out.


    Probably the coolest app of all. If you have a home lighting system that is controlled via wireless, you can use this app to control your home lighting when you are at home or shortly before you arrive.

    As you can see, the Samsung Smartwatch is pretty amazing with a whole host of gadget to take advantage of!