League of Legends versus Dota 2

LOL Versus Dota 2

Multiplayer Online Battle arenas have become quite popular and they are fast dominating the gaming scene. League of Legends and Dota 2 are the fastest growing of all Multiplayer Online Battle arena games. Multiplayer Online Battle arenas games normally involve two teams; each team is made up of a total of five players and each team controls heroes with different unique abilities. The team are supposed to battle on a three lane map and there is normally a jungle in between the lanes. The team that manages to annihilate a giant at the centre of the base of the other team wins. So, League of Legends versus Dota 2, which one is better?

League of Legends

League of Legends was the very first game to introduce the multiplayer online battle arena concept in gaming. This game grew popular very fast and more and more people started joining in the fun creating communities and competing for wins. There have been a number of games that have been invented with the intention of competing with this game. However, so far, there hasn’t been a game that has been able to knock League of Legends out of the number one position. The reason why League of Legends has managed to stay at the top for so long is the fact that the developers have made a number of changes to the game. For instance, they removed some complexities that were present in the game such as the ability of one team to rob the other of gold and experience by doing away with their minions. Apart from this, the developers go to work and come up with unique characters that really help in shaping the game. There are currently about 126 characters in League of Legends; something that many similar games have been unable to achieve. This is one of the reasons why this games still maintains the number one position.

Dota 2

While League of Legends tries to make changes that make it move a bit far from original mod design, Dota 2 has tried to maintain all aspects. They also maintain the same characters in the game even when they release a new version of the game. It is one of the most technical games in these types of games. This has made it very difficult for people who have no experience in the multiplayer online battle arena games to play Dota 2. Dota 2 also sticks to the same maps and game modes while League of Legends is seen to make a few changes time and time again. However, custom games have now been approved. Dota 2 assets can therefore be used to make some variations of the game so there might be some changes.


The answer to the question of which game is better when it comes to League of Legends Versus Dota 2 is quite simple. Legend of League is better. It can be played by beginners because it is not as technical as Dota 2, there are numerous characters and most importantly, new changes are constantly being made in an effort to improve the players experience. It is therefore the best option of the two.