How can I become a better online gamer?

This is a question that is ignored by a lot of online gamers. You can hardly blame them because most people want to just play games to blow off some steam. It could just be that they are a leisurely online gamer so they do not get the practice in that they would get if they were a regular online gamer. However, there are those that like to win and that means taking online gaming seriously and learning how to consistently improve in order to become a better player.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to being a truly successful online player. You need to have some basic discipline in place first, then start to improve with more technical disciplines.

  1. Basic discipline need to be master initially
  2. Technical discipline comes after

You can think of this simple 2 step process like this. A bodybuilder or athlete will take much longer become an all-around success as a fitness enthusiast without core body strength. Also, another basic discipline that these sportsmen and women must have is stretching. Now, most people that get into fitness for whatever reason tend to jump straight in without stretching or core body exercises.

The result of not going through the basic steps of fitness is slowed progress. Eventually, the core strength will build, but it can take twice as long to get to the target level without it. In short, you need the basic disciplines to succeed at a quicker pace. These diciplines will be especially useful if you play for real money online – you can play บาคาร่า and lose just because you are not in the right frame of mind. The same goes for any game that you want to become a good player.

So how do core body strength and stretching relate to online gaming?

Hopefully, this is obvious. You need to have certain restraints on your gameplay before you start to improve as an online gamer. These restraints are the basic discipline.

  • Take regular breaks

Probably the most important point in anything in life is that you take breaks form whatever task you are doing. At work, if your brain is attached to one task for too long, your productivity begins to decrease. That isn’t to say you have to stop the task you are doing, but you need to take small breaks and then go back to the task. For example, when I am writing an article such as this one, if I go over 45 minutes, I will take a 15-minute break. This stops me from babbling!!!

Online gaming is the same. Play for 45 minutes and break. If you are a MOBA player, then granted some games can go on for longer than 45 minutes. That means once the game has finished, take a break instead of jumping straight into the next game.

  • Don’t play when you are stressed

For this discipline, I mean don’t play seriously when you are stressed. Some of us want to play online games because we are stressed. It helps us unwind. This is OK, but just don’t play too hard to win when you are feeling stressed. You can end up taking the game too seriously and this just results in you stressing yourself out more. This is when mistakes happen, and usually, the result is a losing streak because you are unable to control your stress. This is where we see a lot of rage gamers!

Another point here is that when the game itself stresses you out. You can be a good mood when you sit down to play, but then you start losing or your teammates make mistakes, then you stress yourself out. You should stop playing seriously and find something else to do. For instance, I play Dota 2 and if in a ranked game (which is a serious game), I get stressed, my next game will be just a normal game (where you can just practise, and a win or loss means nothing to your rating on the game).

  • Don’t play seriously when you are sleepy or drunk

Another sure-fire way to lose is playing a game when you are drunk or sleepy. This is where mistakes happen. If you feel the need to play when you are sleepy or stressed, then once again just try playing a normal game or practise game for fun. After all, online gaming is supposed to be fun.

There you have it. Just 3 basic disciplines that will help you become a better online gamer. Once you have mastered the basics, you can start to become a more serious player by watching YouTube vids and reading resources that help you understand the game you play the most much better.