Become a Diverse Online Gamer

Playing online games is without a doubt fun! We all play for fun even if some are more serious than others. For all online gamers our objective is to win, or beat the system. Whatever the end goal is, science proves that we can get there quicker if we diversify.

What does this mean exactly?

Well I decided to test this theory out using spme theories (Updated Feb 2018: I learned this from boosters). Basically, what it means is that rather than playing the same game day in and day out, you should swap between games you enjoy playing. Let’s say a new game has just been released – I know when I get a new game, I will spend hours just getting acquainted with it.

After a while, you start to make progress. Further on down the line, you get stuck. It might be you are stuck on a level, or you are starting to lose more often than you were winning. Why the sudden change? I mean doesn’t it make sense that the more I play the better I should be?

OK – so maybe the level is harder. That doesn’t mean it should take me this long to get through it. You may already be getting the picture of what I am trying to explain here to you.

  • What happens is we get lazy!
  • Getting lazy means we take things for granted!
  • Taking things for granted leads to bad habits!

An Example of Where People Go Wrong

You may be playing a game where you have a certain amount of health. The same bad guys you were beating in earlier levels are at the beginning of the level that you cannot beat.

They are taking more health because you are lazy; whereas in previous levels when you were on form, you were clearing these bad guys without them even touching you. Your confidence is so high that you feel like just walking past them just so you can get to the bad guy at the end of the level.

With careless play, those easy bad guys start taking to take health from you; health that you need to get through the level.

This is often caused by playing the game for too long, which creates laziness. With the level becoming a tedious repetition of moves, stress, anger, or just pure frustration kick in.

Sports Games Going Wrong

My favourite type of game is sports gaming. Soccer – well as I am English we call it football – but hey who is arguing over the name.

One time I was playing FIFA and not quite winning the league. Now a season is 36 league games 5 mins each way. Then add all the Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup competitions on top of this and you talking hours of play. Not to mention hours of organising your team, managing finances and looking for new players to buy.

On this rare occasion I lost the league to my per hate Manchester United. And it was not on points because miraculously were both on equal points. Plus, I had beaten them in both league meetings. There were two key reason I lost the league that season.

  • Losing games versus easy teams Manchester United Beat


I was so confident, I would rest good players. I didn’t want them to get injured for important games. Now my team strength is lower, but in my mind, this was not an issue. I mean my second squad was stronger than team I was playing against.

Nonetheless, I lost. Now firstly, I should have played better due to 2 or 3 key players not being in the starting line up or the subs bench. However, I was overconfident, I had been winning all day and I though the game was in the bag.

Laziness and arrogance kicked in. I went behind being stupid, and then lost a second goal. You know – one of those days where things just don’t go your way plus my stupidity. I still remember the game as it was nearing the end of the season, and when I looked back it was one I regretted not winning.

Silly mistakes, overconfidence and pure cockiness lost me the game because I had just been playing for too long that day.

  • I let goals on from equally as stupid play as number 1


Even in the games I won, I allowed the other team to score. Those goals go as ‘goals against’. As a result, they reduced my goal difference advantage versus Manchester United, who frustratingly beat bottom of the league 7-0 as I recall. Whereas I was winning 5-2 on the same day.

Playing the game for too long, too late into night and too often became my eventual downfall.

Good Reasons to Be a More Diverse Gamer

As you can see from my two examples above, I have come up with the ultimate reasons why you should become a more diverse gamer. Though I have not fully explained how to become a diverse gamer yet, so here goes. Being a diverse gamer means playing many different games.

When should you should swap to play different games?

  • When you are starting to feel tired
  • When you play one game for too long
  • When it just isn’t your day – bad days happen
  • When you feel you are making too many mistakes

Find an old favourite game of yours. When you are tired playing your most frequented games, swap to this game. This will not only make your gameplay more diverse, it will make you a better player. Then when it comes to playing the game you want to succeed the most at playing, you come back when you are your best form!

What are the top 5 MOBA Games?

MOBA gaming in recent times has turned out to be amongst the most popular games in online gaming with millions of players. With the ever-growing competition in Multiplayer online battle arena gaming, a variety of MOBA games have been developed. This has enabled players to have a variety of MOBA games to choose from.

quite noticeably, the most popular video games that are competitive in the world are Dota 2 and League of Legends, and they are both MOBAs.

Top 5 MOBA games

1. League of Legends
Its great character design and its ability to offer a lot of characters for one to choose from have made it be amongst the best if not the best. It has approximately twenty-seven million players on daily basis.

League of the Legends lets players choose from over 125 champions to compete on distinct maps and having different goals.

There are thousands of different runes, masteries, and items that are used to raise the power of one’s battle and champions.

Apart from Champion Skins which is limited when it comes to buying using real money, everything else can be acquired using IP points (in-game) currency. Both paying players and free ones can play without in-game benefits over the other

Tutorials for beginners are in place to address confusions that may arise.

2. Dota 2
Dota 2 is also known as Defense of the Ancients 2. Just like League of Legends, Dota 2 has a huge fan base of millions.

There are continuous updates of this game, and this enables it to stand still to its competitive excitement and edge.

The game comprises of 110 heroes for one to choose from. Players, on the other hand, players can come up with different combinations and strategies to overpower the enemy team.

This game has excellent graphics and gameplay that makes it irresistible.

Smite is quite unique in the sense that it provides for a 3rd person view. This is quite a big change compared to top-down views that are in most cases, used in a MOBA.

SMITE also makes use of WASD keys, which is different from a point-to-move system that is applied in traditional MOBAs.

This game don’t have auto attacking thereby making all attacks to be skill shots

4. Heroes of the Storm
This game brings together many stars that are from Blizzard’s popular properties into one game. It’s also considered as the most fast-paced and super-simplified game play.

5. Gigantic
Gigantic is one of the coolest MOBA games. it entails very brilliant artistic approach to a MOBA

This game consists of just one lane. Everything happens on this lane, where teams gather as they fight the opponent.

When it comes to gaming, preferences varies amongst player, but we all agree on one thing; that MOBA games are extremely fun and addictive. If you are a beginner, it is always wise to try various games and taste the feeling.

Many players tend to play only those MOBO games that are free; this does not mean that MOBA games that are paid are not good enough.

We Review The Best Shark Games Online

Shark related games are amazingly popular. Even my son plays shark games with his mum – namely Hungry Shark Evolution. The shark themed games seem to be extremely popular these days and reminds me of back in the day when the dolphin game “Echo the Dolphin” was also very popular.

It makes sense that any games that are based on underwater adventures have become popular as “Echo the Dolphin” proved. Now shark games are the new trend whereby online and mobile gaming designers can’t seem to fail!

How Did Shark Week Came to Be Famous?

If you are not interested in how Shark Week became a real week in our year, then you can skip to our game reviews right below.

We can dedicate Shark Week to Discovery’s Shark Week book written by Martha Brockenbrough. They invented the concept that suddenly became momentously popular. Shark Week covers several Sharks including the Great White Shark all the way down to the Whorl Shark.

Shark Week BookYou will find tons of pictures of different sharks in the book along with facts about their weight, number of teeth, habitat, diet and more. It even talks about sharks that apparently live in volcanos – they must like the heat! One of the most interesting subjects in the book is really what makes it so popular.

Shark Week’s book also tells true stories of real life shark attacks.

Let’s Celebrate Shark Week with Shark Games!

For those budding shark fans out there, check out the games we have found on the net that have sharks in them. All these games are available to play via mobile while on the move!

Shark Mountain

This is a game of a defensive shark as opposed to the shark being the aggressor. There is a good reason for this and that is us humans. We humans are trying to overtake Shark Mountain, and you as Sir Shark’s trusty companion control Sir Shark to help him stop the humans blowing up the mountain.

Luckily for you Sir Shark has a set of razor sharp teeth that the humans cannot seem to stop – persistence is the name of the game here.
Before you get going on this awesome game, check out the animated introduction!

Shark Bait

Remarkably Shark Bait is a little like hungry Shark. In fact, there is not much difference at all to be honest aside from the fact a different producer means a slightly different underwater theme. That’s pretty much about it. To survive as the shark, you need to eat as many human divers and seal as possible.

The longer you go without food, the more life and energy your shark will lose until eventually he will fade away with hunger and die.

Surfs Up

Well this is a surfing game. However, there are sharks lurking in the water. The game is allegedly built around the film “Surfs Up”; a surfing film ironically enough. Dodge the sharks and learn magnificent surf moves along the way to complete the game.

You will need to navigate through markers and pull off some tricks in the air to build up points. You will also get to surf the huge tidal wave found on the side of the game. Cool if you are a surfer or if you have any remote interest in surfing.

You can probably complete this game in a day, but despite it being a game that is short lived, it is also quite fun to pass some time.

Nemo’s Revenge: The Quest for The Lost Pearl

Again, sharks are not really the main theme of this game, but there are sharks there trying to ravage you. That is sharks along with other man eating fish that are trying to rip you apart.

All you need to do is defend yourself and shoot down the offending creatures as quickly as possible to stop them getting close to you. This is another game that can be played just to pass the time. It is by no mean innovative, but at least a bunch of us at the office enjoyed battling it out to see who could get the highest score!

Medieval Shark

At last, back to shark week related games! As if sharks were not already equipped for hunting with razor sharp teeth, Medieval Shark takes the sharks predatory cunning one step further. How does it do this you may ask? Well this Shark has an Axe on his head – yes, an Axe!

It sounds ludicrous, and it is, but at the same time it is a lot of fun.

Your mission in this game is literally destroy everything and anything you across that can be destroyed using your head axe. You will be axing your way through princesses and kings for a start! Then of course where would a shark be without having time to use his axe to kill sea snakes and dragon worms?

A weird shark game that someone has invented because he or she just had too much time on their hands. Probably a game invested while the designer was high or something. Still it is well worth a go for the novelty factor involved.

Where can I find shark games?

If you want a decent place to go any play shark games, then click here for all the games reviewed above.

Some Great Facts About Sharks

Just to round off our Shark Week celebrations here, let’s have a look at some really cool shark facts:

• There are over 350 different types of sharks
• The largest shark is not a meat eater and is known as a Whale Shark
• Science tells us sharks date back as many as 400,000,000 years!
• Most sharks will get through more than 20,000 teeth before they die
• Carful now! Sharks have a strong sense of smell that reaches up to mile away
• Sharks do not have bones – instead it is a more flexible material called cartilage

Our Number 1 Rated Shark Game: Hungry Shark Evolution

Out of all the shark games played in mobile, not much seems to be able to beat the “Hungry Shark Evolution” Games. We have saved this for those of you that managed to make it this far into this blog post.

Why write about it when you check it out for yourself in video below.

If you want to download Hungry Shark, just go to your Google Play App on your Android or your Apple iStore and search for the game. You will be able to download it instantly.

Have a great day!

The Top Mobile Games For Android & Apple Devices

The Google Play Store and iOS App Store are full of mobile games, but neither would it be possible nor would it be worthwhile to download them all. Even though games for Android and Apple devices have not been getting their due as of lately, the excitement and fun that the world of mobile gaming offers has not diminished. If you are considering downloading and installing a game (or a bunch of games) on your Android or Apple mobile device, below are some of the best ones in 2016 to choose from.

Pokemon Go

Everyone reading this probably already know about this one, considering the amount of buzz it generated and how popular it has become. Sure, the game is rather buggy, but it also happens to be a Pokemon-related game and is nothing like any of the other titles below, which makes it quite worthwhile. Pokemon Go almost brings the the concept of pocket monster hunting to the real world, prompting players to take a step outside and actually travel far and wide in search of rare Pokemon.

This game has already been downloaded more 100 million times and can prove to be quite a treat for Pokemon fans. Get the Pokemon Go download here.

Party Hard Go

This is a stealth game full of dark humor and it is not quite like other games of this genre. Usually, the goal in stealth games is to infiltrate something or the other, but that is not the case with this game. The title is referring to the player’s neighbors in the game, who have been partying hard and loud, so the player has to go on a murderous rampage and kill them all. However the catch is that the player must avoid getting spotted while in the act of killing, because this will lead to getting caught and put an end to the murder spree. Hence, there is a lot of stopping and observing involved.


This mobile game is somewhat of a simpler combination of Jetpack Joyride and VVVVV, involving the use of just two buttons. While it quickly becomes obvious that this game is influenced by the two aforementioned titles, there is also plenty that sets it apart. The player’s character has a gun that is used for flying. Using those two buttons, the player has to quickly decide when to use the gun to fly and when to use it to destroy obstacles in the way. Of course, players have to make that decision in a matter of a second, which makes the game quite challenging and fun to play.

Riptide GP: Renegade

The graphics of this game are so eye-catching and specular, you would probably think it would be impossible to play it on a mobile devices, but it is actually a mobile game. In this game, players take on the role of a disgraced racer who was a champion of these races that involve futuristic jet-ski-like vehicles. In order to reach their former status as a champion, players have to compete in the races and come out victorious, while also defeating the various bosses that appear throughout the game.

Real Money Games

Real money gaming operators put a lot of time and effort into the mobile apps that run the games they offer. Many of these games can be played for free just by joining up to the operator’s website. Therefore, you can gurantee a quality gaming experience absolutly free. The games have had a considerable amount invested into them because the real money gaming operators want their games to attract players that will lay down real money wagers.

All the games offered are usually very popular with real money players. The design, graphics and multi-platform mobile/desktop capabilities are breathtaking and come with no expense spared. Expect these games to work perfectly on almost any device. You can check out this website that advertsies iOS and Android Casinos in Malaysia. There are also other sites out there that offer more SCR888 downloads.

You can also try for more options.


Whether you download one or all of the above mobile games onto your device, you can be certain that you will remain occupied and enjoy yourself playing the game of your choice on your mobile device.

League of Legends versus Dota 2

Multiplayer Online Battle arenas have become quite popular and they are fast dominating the gaming scene. League of Legends and Dota 2 are the fastest growing of all Multiplayer Online Battle arena games. Multiplayer Online Battle arenas games normally involve two teams; each team is made up of a total of five players and each team controls heroes with different unique abilities. The team are supposed to battle on a three lane map and there is normally a jungle in between the lanes. The team that manages to annihilate a giant at the centre of the base of the other team wins. So, League of Legends versus Dota 2, which one is better?

League of Legends

League of Legends was the very first game to introduce the multiplayer online battle arena concept in gaming. This game grew popular very fast and more and more people started joining in the fun creating communities and competing for wins. There have been a number of games that have been invented with the intention of competing with this game. However, so far, there hasn’t been a game that has been able to knock League of Legends out of the number one position. The reason why League of Legends has managed to stay at the top for so long is the fact that the developers have made a number of changes to the game. For instance, they removed some complexities that were present in the game such as the ability of one team to rob the other of gold and experience by doing away with their minions. Apart from this, the developers go to work and come up with unique characters that really help in shaping the game. There are currently about 126 characters in League of Legends; something that many similar games have been unable to achieve. This is one of the reasons why this games still maintains the number one position.

Dota 2

While League of Legends tries to make changes that make it move a bit far from original mod design, Dota 2 has tried to maintain all aspects. They also maintain the same characters in the game even when they release a new version of the game. It is one of the most technical games in these types of games. This has made it very difficult for people who have no experience in the multiplayer online battle arena games to play Dota 2. Dota 2 also sticks to the same maps and game modes while League of Legends is seen to make a few changes time and time again. However, custom games have now been approved. Dota 2 assets can therefore be used to make some variations of the game so there might be some changes.


The answer to the question of which game is better when it comes to League of Legends Versus Dota 2 is quite simple. Legend of League is better. It can be played by beginners because it is not as technical as Dota 2, there are numerous characters and most importantly, new changes are constantly being made in an effort to improve the players experience. It is therefore the best option of the two.

What is MOBA Boosting?

Overwatch, Dota and League of Legends all have boosting. They are a great way to get your LOl account into a better division, your Dota and Overwatch accounts with better MMR. The lower your division or MMR, the lower the ability is of the players that you will play against. Boosting is also found in Dota 2 as well as in the game Overwatch. They are all similar MOBA games that have teams of players enter a game together and fight it out to survive and destroy the other team.

Also, if you happen to get involved in team games, you will also be paired up with players with a lower ability. Of course, with team games this is not always the case. That is because you may be playing in a team game with a friend that already has a high ranking on the game. Check out Overwatch Boosting for more information and then come back here to read on.

In the case of playing with a team mate that has a higher ability than yourself, the overall rating of all players will be evened out. That means that you will most likely be playing against a set of players with a higher ability than yours.

You need remember 2 important aspects:

There are solo games and there are party games. Both are scored separately in ranked games. This would mean you would have one rating for your party play and another rating for your solo play.

1. Solo

In a Solo game you are playing alone. That means you are an individual being matched up against another set of individuals. You will not have played with players before. You are all pooled together according to your ability. This makes the match fair.

The problem is that if League of Legends has given a very low rating, you will find yourself in a game with what is know as noobs. When you have noobs in a game, it can be frustrating if you have taken the time to learn the game and improve yourself as a player.

Why? Because you will find the other players in your team are not so keen on learning the game. Thus, those players make a lot of mistakes and can cost you the game.

You may play a perfect game, but your team mates may feed the other team. Feeding is basically giving the other team kills. This means they get to level up quicker and learn new skills and get more kills. In addition, the other team will be able to buy more items giving them even further ability to kill more effectively.

If you hire a boosting service, then a pro will come and play your account. When that pro plays your account, he/she will increase your ranking so you no longer have to play with noobs. Well that is at least the theory.

2. Party

Your party rank in LOL is different to your solo rank. When you play a ranked game with a friend, then you will both enter the game as a party. You can have 2 to 5 players in your party. That means if you win as a team, you will all gain an increase in your rank. On the contrary, if you lose, you all decrease in rank.

The same problems occur with noobs in these games as well. To give you an example of this, you may go into a game as a party of 3. The other 2 players matched with you may be bad players and cost all 3 of you rank penalties.

How can this happen? If the players in your party have a very high rank, but you have a low rank, then LOL’s game selector needs to even this out. They may give the opposing team a fairly evenly matched team – so all round they are pretty good because your other party members have high rank.

The result is your team may get 2 very horrible players to compensate for the 2 experienced players in your party. Now you may hope that your 2 experienced players will have enough experience and skill to counter the other team’s lower ability.

This is not always the case. In fact quite rarely. The 2 lower scored players on your team could feed the other team with kills so much so that the lack of skill on your opponent’s team will be made up with items.

In the end you end up 2 or 3 versus 5 in team fights simply because the 2 noobs places in your team are ineffective in team fights.

Hiring a boosting service to increase your rank as a party player may be the solution here. After all, you don’t want your friends avoiding party games with you because of the aforementioned disadvantages of match making.

Want to know more? Find out here What is LOL Boosting?

With LOL boosting or LOL boost websites, you can increase your ability so you get matched with better players.

See some noobs in action!


League of Legends Low Down

There are a limitless number of online games to choose from today. The difference in these games is the level of entertainment and thrill you get from each. So far, there hasn’t been a game that has been able to hold a candle to League of Legends.

What is League of Legends? League of Legends is an online that is competitive and very fast paced. This game combines elements of RPG with the intensity and speed of RTS. The game is about two champion teams with incredible play style and design. The two team champions go into battle in different game modes and numerous types of battle fields.

The champion roster on League of Legends is always expanding, there are occasional updates and the tournament scene is simply worth it. This game offers players of different level numerous options to replay the games.


The main reason why League of Legends has managed to stand out from other online games is due to its incredible features. With this game, you have the opportunity to team up with other players to battle your enemies head on.

You have different options; you can choose to defeat them on small scale kind of skirmishes or on big battlefields. The other feature that makes this game stand out is the fact that it constantly being updated.

The maps, champions and game mode keep changing in order to ensure players have a lot to work with. It is up to you to strategize on how to defeat the enemy. Another amazing this about the game is the fact that you get a chance to compete.

The game has been designed in such a way that it is able to match you with a competitor with a skill level similar to yours.


There are a number of benefits you get from playing League of Legends. First and foremost, you get to meet people from all parts of the world online. You can share ideas about the game, share credits and talk about the game. This is great because it makes the game even more interesting.

With League of Legends, you are assured you will not get bored. This is because the game has numerous updates frequently. This means there are new challenges to face, new champions to experience and new game modes to try.

This keeps the game interesting and challenges players. Last but not least, this game can be played by multiple players. This makes it a great game to play with friends.


In conclusion, League of Legends is the leading online game and there is a good reason for this. This game is interesting, it gives you an opportunity to meet incredible people who also love the game, it is constantly being updated to include new features that improve the game and most importantly, you are always challenged when you play this game. These are all features of a high quality game.

If you love playing online games and you have never experienced League of Legends, this is the game you need to be playing. There is no way you will go wrong with League of Legends.

How to Find the Right Online Games

online-gamingAfter a long day of work, everyone needs some quality time. Some people prefer to read a book or watch a movie, but with all the possibilities that the internet offers you, there are plenty of options for you to choose something nice.

The online gaming is a wide area where you’ll find different games directly online. With the development of technology and internet, there are plenty of games that you can choose from and relax and have some fun.

It’s easy now because all you have to do is find the game that you like and start playing it. Let’s see some options that the online gaming gives you and how you can find these games.

Look Online

Plenty of websites offer you online games, so if you’d like to find something, use the right combination of words for identifying them. You’ll find plenty of sites that will offer you online games, with the possibility to choose from different genres and complexity levels.

Different Genres

As you certainly have figured out by now, there are lots of online games, from easy games that are adequate for small children to more complicated games that can be played by adults. There are card games that look like Solitaire, or car games where you have to park one or more cars. You’ll also find specific games, like those that help you learn a new language by associating words with images or learning how to type faster.

Car Games

Ever heard of Fast and Furious? There are individual games where you get to pretend that you are one of those drivers – driving a very fast car, taking part in a circuit or only reaching the end of race in the first place. There is more than just one game available – some you can play directly online, while others you’ll have to download on your computer. However, they all have these things in common – you get to choose the car, the circuit and even the character that you play with. The more you play, the more experience you will get, and you will be able to access different items to improve your performances, like changing the car, increasing the speed of the car and so on.

Online Gambling

Dice and RouletteThe online gambling is a different aspect of online gaming – these games are only for adults, and they deal with real money most of the times. If you can’t travel or if you can’t find a real casino in your area, there’s now the possibility to play the same games as in a real casino directly online. The online casinos have appeared exactly out of this need – to offer people the opportunity to access the games that they like but also to give them a chance of winning some money if they’re good enough.

You’ll need to be of legal age in your country to be able to play these games, because, as we already said, there are strict rules that govern this area. To be able to access gambling games, you’ll usually need an account. This can be easily done in just a few steps – you’ll need an email, a username and a password and also a valid credit card. There’s also a condition for your age – you need to be of legal age to be able to play casino games.