Become a Diverse Online Gamer

Playing online games is without a doubt fun! We all play for fun even if some are more serious than others. For all online gamers our objective is to win, or beat the system. Whatever the end goal is, science proves that we can get there quicker if we diversify.

What does this mean exactly?

Well I decided to test this theory out using spme theories (Updated Feb 2018: I learned this from boosters). Basically, what it means is that rather than playing the same game day in and day out, you should swap between games you enjoy playing. Let’s say a new game has just been released – I know when I get a new game, I will spend hours just getting acquainted with it.

After a while, you start to make progress. Further on down the line, you get stuck. It might be you are stuck on a level, or you are starting to lose more often than you were winning. Why the sudden change? I mean doesn’t it make sense that the more I play the better I should be?

OK – so maybe the level is harder. That doesn’t mean it should take me this long to get through it. You may already be getting the picture of what I am trying to explain here to you.

  • What happens is we get lazy!
  • Getting lazy means we take things for granted!
  • Taking things for granted leads to bad habits!

An Example of Where People Go Wrong

You may be playing a game where you have a certain amount of health. The same bad guys you were beating in earlier levels are at the beginning of the level that you cannot beat.

They are taking more health because you are lazy; whereas in previous levels when you were on form, you were clearing these bad guys without them even touching you. Your confidence is so high that you feel like just walking past them just so you can get to the bad guy at the end of the level.

With careless play, those easy bad guys start taking to take health from you; health that you need to get through the level.

This is often caused by playing the game for too long, which creates laziness. With the level becoming a tedious repetition of moves, stress, anger, or just pure frustration kick in.

Sports Games Going Wrong

My favourite type of game is sports gaming. Soccer – well as I am English we call it football – but hey who is arguing over the name.

One time I was playing FIFA and not quite winning the league. Now a season is 36 league games 5 mins each way. Then add all the Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup competitions on top of this and you talking hours of play. Not to mention hours of organising your team, managing finances and looking for new players to buy.

On this rare occasion I lost the league to my per hate Manchester United. And it was not on points because miraculously were both on equal points. Plus, I had beaten them in both league meetings. There were two key reason I lost the league that season.

  • Losing games versus easy teams Manchester United Beat


I was so confident, I would rest good players. I didn’t want them to get injured for important games. Now my team strength is lower, but in my mind, this was not an issue. I mean my second squad was stronger than team I was playing against.

Nonetheless, I lost. Now firstly, I should have played better due to 2 or 3 key players not being in the starting line up or the subs bench. However, I was overconfident, I had been winning all day and I though the game was in the bag.

Laziness and arrogance kicked in. I went behind being stupid, and then lost a second goal. You know – one of those days where things just don’t go your way plus my stupidity. I still remember the game as it was nearing the end of the season, and when I looked back it was one I regretted not winning.

Silly mistakes, overconfidence and pure cockiness lost me the game because I had just been playing for too long that day.

  • I let goals on from equally as stupid play as number 1


Even in the games I won, I allowed the other team to score. Those goals go as ‘goals against’. As a result, they reduced my goal difference advantage versus Manchester United, who frustratingly beat bottom of the league 7-0 as I recall. Whereas I was winning 5-2 on the same day.

Playing the game for too long, too late into night and too often became my eventual downfall.

Good Reasons to Be a More Diverse Gamer

As you can see from my two examples above, I have come up with the ultimate reasons why you should become a more diverse gamer. Though I have not fully explained how to become a diverse gamer yet, so here goes. Being a diverse gamer means playing many different games.

When should you should swap to play different games?

  • When you are starting to feel tired
  • When you play one game for too long
  • When it just isn’t your day – bad days happen
  • When you feel you are making too many mistakes

Find an old favourite game of yours. When you are tired playing your most frequented games, swap to this game. This will not only make your gameplay more diverse, it will make you a better player. Then when it comes to playing the game you want to succeed the most at playing, you come back when you are your best form!