5 Games You Cannot Play On PC

Are you perplexed, why you should purchase a play station or Xbox this Christmas? You must be thinking that you can play any game on your regular PC too. But that’s wrong! The reason you should buy these two devices is due to their huge list of exclusives. There are games which run on only a particular format which your PC doesn’t support. The Microsoft is nor parting with the exclusive list. The buyers thus, still have reasons to buy an Xbox or play station.

Below are 5 games which are exclusive for the Play station and Xbox:

  1. Halo Wars 2

This game is developed by Creative Assembly and 343 Industries in the year 2017. This was a sequel to 2009 Halo Universe, with a few changes. New characters and new villains were introduced in order to make it more engaging. This game gives a wide view of a battle field of a war. This game has been given positive reviews from the players mainly due to its breathtaking effects and quality. It has 12 missions in all, each one revolving around the military science fiction. It also offers multiplayer mode with maximum 6 players. This game is set in 26th century and shows a war between the aliens and humanity.

  1. Forza Motorsport 7

This masterpiece is created by Turn 10 studios and published by Microsoft Studios. It’s wonderful graphics and voices have always captured the hearts of the players. Your entire room gets converted into a racing track. This is the major highlight of the Xbox. If you haven’t tried this game, then you are missing out on all the fun of owning an Xbox. This is the 10th installment and is considered to be the best out of the entire Forza motorsport series. It features over 700 cars with many configurations. This game has won the Best sports/ racing game award by, The Game awards in the year, 2017. It features many car models of Porsche, Land Cruiser and Volkswagen.

  1. Sea of thieves

This action adventure video game is developed by Rare in the year 2018. This game did not receive a very favorable reception from the players. It is mainly considered to be lacking a strong story line. It lacks the feel of the sea and pirates. Though this game has been liked by some people due to its humor yet it misses out in retaining the interest of the players. In this the players get to experience a quest to explore a different world full of cannons, ships and coins. The highlight of the game is multiplayer functionality and the ability to encounter each other during their voyage.

  1. Sunset Overdrive

This action adventure was developed by insomniac Games and was released in 2014. The game is set in the sunset city. The player gets to control the main character; an employee of Fizz Co. Fizz Co is an energy drink company whose drink has converted people into mutants. It provides a multiplayer functionality of maximum 7 players. This game has mainly received positive reviews. Its story line was found lacking by many players and lacked compelling missions. This game provides variety of weapons that can be used to kill the human enemies and robots. This is a fast paced game involving various stunts. Earlier the developers wanted to add a skateboard in the game but later decided to stick to the originality of the game.

  1. Driveclub

This racing video game is developed by Evolution Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for play station 4 in 2014. The player gets a chance to participate in the races at different locations. These locations include India, Canada, Scotland, Japan and Chile. This game has received a mixed reception from the players. The main feature of the game is that the player can create his own club. Different clubs compete against each other. The tracks are inspired by true places all across the world. It has a total of 50 cars available initially, which can be customized as per your choice.