2 Tips On How to Choose the Right Online Game to Play

There are so many online games to choose from and as most of us are competitive by nature, we want to choose an online game that we will be good at. There are so many factors involved, but many of us tend to fumble around playing different game after different game without ever discovering that one game that suits us down to the ground. As a result, that game is the game you have not found yet and one that you will dominate!

1. Figure out what you are good at
Now I already know that I am good at organising things under pressure. My weak points are that my reactions are not so good (probably because I am getting older). I am also not very quick at things like mathematics; although I am good at maths, for some reason I stumble if asked to complete a mathematical quiz at speed. This means my ability to make decisions quickly is not good, which could also contribute towards my lack of reactive speed.

For me, I discovered a game called Warhammer. Warhammer is a ancient battlefield style game in which you control your troops and conquer other armies on the battlefield. Along the way you strengthen your army and add troops for situational purposes.

For example, if the other army is an Elvan army, the chances are the troops on that army will be using bows and arrows. My strategy is to get in close and fast, which the carvery becomes the perfect answer, plus heavily armoured troops that can withstand the shower of arrows and come in behind the carvery. As these guys are slow because they are weighed down by armour, I need other units and some magic to wipe out enemy archers, and then the rest of my troops can join in untouched and finish them off.

I am good at this game because it gives you a decent amount of time to think about your decisions. It may sound like you need to make fast decisions, but the way the action unfolds means I have time to make up my mind what to do next because despite my masterplan, things do not always go to plan. My strength is organising my army to flank, strategically attack at the right time, and to take out the biggest threat to weaken the enemy and give my army an easy finish.

2. Make sure you enjoy the game you are playing
For some reason, I see a lot of people play games that their friends like. The reason your friends want to tie you down to their favourite game is because they are good at that game. It is the game that suite them the most, and so why play anything else. Some people say it is because it is the only game they can play with their friend that is social.

There are so many games out there that offer the chance to play multi-player versus other players connected to the internet. If you really are not getting on with GTA or playing you friends at poker, then find something else that you do enjoy, or you will never reach the level of expert on any computer game. I guess the morale of the story is be more adventurous and independent. Then get your friends involved and make a deal with them that you will play their game if they also agree to play your game.

Why will these 2 tips help you?
The reason I have used these two tips in this blog is because both I regularly see people following others or just not playing games that they are good at. I was the same, and I still do like playing games like Overwatch or FIFA Football where reactions are so important.

I even still play poker in which my mathematic skills are not up to the test of fast decision making against the online poker clock. However, I know that when I need some confidence, I will always go to Warhammer and play my heart out.

These two tops will stop you thinking you are useless at computer games, which is how I once felt. They will also give you a game that you are the master. Of course, don’t be surprised if one of your friends starts playing and become better than you because the chances are, you are better than your friend at another game anyway!