We Review The Best Shark Games Online

Shark related games are amazingly popular. Even my son plays shark games with his mum – namely Hungry Shark Evolution. The shark themed games seem to be extremely popular these days and reminds me of back in the day when the dolphin game “Echo the Dolphin” was also very popular.

It makes sense that any games that are based on underwater adventures have become popular as “Echo the Dolphin” proved. Now shark games are the new trend whereby online and mobile gaming designers can’t seem to fail!

How Did Shark Week Came to Be Famous?

If you are not interested in how Shark Week became a real week in our year, then you can skip to our game reviews right below.

We can dedicate Shark Week to Discovery’s Shark Week book written by Martha Brockenbrough. They invented the concept that suddenly became momentously popular. Shark Week covers several Sharks including the Great White Shark all the way down to the Whorl Shark.

Shark Week BookYou will find tons of pictures of different sharks in the book along with facts about their weight, number of teeth, habitat, diet and more. It even talks about sharks that apparently live in volcanos – they must like the heat! One of the most interesting subjects in the book is really what makes it so popular.

Shark Week’s book also tells true stories of real life shark attacks.

Let’s Celebrate Shark Week with Shark Games!

For those budding shark fans out there, check out the games we have found on the net that have sharks in them. All these games are available to play via mobile while on the move!

Shark Mountain

This is a game of a defensive shark as opposed to the shark being the aggressor. There is a good reason for this and that is us humans. We humans are trying to overtake Shark Mountain, and you as Sir Shark’s trusty companion control Sir Shark to help him stop the humans blowing up the mountain.

Luckily for you Sir Shark has a set of razor sharp teeth that the humans cannot seem to stop – persistence is the name of the game here.
Before you get going on this awesome game, check out the animated introduction!

Shark Bait

Remarkably Shark Bait is a little like hungry Shark. In fact, there is not much difference at all to be honest aside from the fact a different producer means a slightly different underwater theme. That’s pretty much about it. To survive as the shark, you need to eat as many human divers and seal as possible.

The longer you go without food, the more life and energy your shark will lose until eventually he will fade away with hunger and die.

Surfs Up

Well this is a surfing game. However, there are sharks lurking in the water. The game is allegedly built around the film “Surfs Up”; a surfing film ironically enough. Dodge the sharks and learn magnificent surf moves along the way to complete the game.

You will need to navigate through markers and pull off some tricks in the air to build up points. You will also get to surf the huge tidal wave found on the side of the game. Cool if you are a surfer or if you have any remote interest in surfing.

You can probably complete this game in a day, but despite it being a game that is short lived, it is also quite fun to pass some time.

Nemo’s Revenge: The Quest for The Lost Pearl

Again, sharks are not really the main theme of this game, but there are sharks there trying to ravage you. That is sharks along with other man eating fish that are trying to rip you apart.

All you need to do is defend yourself and shoot down the offending creatures as quickly as possible to stop them getting close to you. This is another game that can be played just to pass the time. It is by no mean innovative, but at least a bunch of us at the office enjoyed battling it out to see who could get the highest score!

Medieval Shark

At last, back to shark week related games! As if sharks were not already equipped for hunting with razor sharp teeth, Medieval Shark takes the sharks predatory cunning one step further. How does it do this you may ask? Well this Shark has an Axe on his head – yes, an Axe!

It sounds ludicrous, and it is, but at the same time it is a lot of fun.

Your mission in this game is literally destroy everything and anything you across that can be destroyed using your head axe. You will be axing your way through princesses and kings for a start! Then of course where would a shark be without having time to use his axe to kill sea snakes and dragon worms?

A weird shark game that someone has invented because he or she just had too much time on their hands. Probably a game invested while the designer was high or something. Still it is well worth a go for the novelty factor involved.

Where can I find shark games?

If you want a decent place to go any play shark games, then click here for all the games reviewed above.

Some Great Facts About Sharks

Just to round off our Shark Week celebrations here, let’s have a look at some really cool shark facts:

• There are over 350 different types of sharks
• The largest shark is not a meat eater and is known as a Whale Shark
• Science tells us sharks date back as many as 400,000,000 years!
• Most sharks will get through more than 20,000 teeth before they die
• Carful now! Sharks have a strong sense of smell that reaches up to mile away
• Sharks do not have bones – instead it is a more flexible material called cartilage

Our Number 1 Rated Shark Game: Hungry Shark Evolution

Out of all the shark games played in mobile, not much seems to be able to beat the “Hungry Shark Evolution” Games. We have saved this for those of you that managed to make it this far into this blog post.

Why write about it when you check it out for yourself in video below.

If you want to download Hungry Shark, just go to your Google Play App on your Android or your Apple iStore and search for the game. You will be able to download it instantly.

Have a great day!

Choosing the Best VPN for you

With the ncreased awareness growing around internet privacy and security there has been a massive influx in VPN service providers. This is definitely an amazing progression, but now we are left with the rather daunting task of having to choose the best VPN for our needs.

With so many to choose from it’s really a difficult task, luckily there has also been a spike in websites who test and review VPNs to bring us the best information rewgarding each one and help us by making our choice so much easier.

If you are in the situation of having to find the VPN best suited for you then do not hesitate to check out the best VPN service provider. In this case, as in most cases, it is good to trust expert opinions of people who test and rate all the different VPNs so that they can help the public make quality choices.

If you are still unsure about what exactly a VPN is, it is a service that allows you to move your digital location to a country of your choosing. On top of that is also provides you with increased security and privacy by hiding your true IP address. It basically makes your computer a ghost. The best thing is that it is all 100% legal and legitimate.

So we know that we can move our location and that we can get extra protection, but why exactly do we need this? Here are some of the top reasons why it is important to look at quality VPN services.

1) Public networks

WIFI is getting so popular that we don’t even go to places anymore if they do not have free WIFI. This is great because everyone has access to information from basically anywhere, but…. It can be so dangerous! When everyone is connected to one public network that means that people have easier access to your accounts and details. Things like online banking and even checking emails or using saved passwords can leave you open to cyberattacks. This is where a VPN service can help keep everything extra safe and secure.

2) Unlimited access internationally

This has become one of the biggest reasons why people use a VPN service. That reason is that they want access to Netflix America. You would think that security is the top reason but sadly more people are drawn to VPNs so that they can extend their Netflix reach. None the less it can give you access to Netflix from any country by changing your IP location to that country and then registering for Netflix from there.

With everything being copyright protected and everyone wanting royalties for every download, it can be hard to openly share files. With a secure VPN, you can avoid civil lawsuits and claims being made when you upload or download files.

The internet is build upon the foundation of free information for everyone and VPN service providers help to make that a reality.

2 Tips On How to Choose the Right Online Game to Play

There are so many online games to choose from and as most of us are competitive by nature, we want to choose an online game that we will be good at. There are so many factors involved, but many of us tend to fumble around playing different game after different game without ever discovering that one game that suits us down to the ground. As a result, that game is the game you have not found yet and one that you will dominate!

1. Figure out what you are good at
Now I already know that I am good at organising things under pressure. My weak points are that my reactions are not so good (probably because I am getting older). I am also not very quick at things like mathematics; although I am good at maths, for some reason I stumble if asked to complete a mathematical quiz at speed. This means my ability to make decisions quickly is not good, which could also contribute towards my lack of reactive speed.

For me, I discovered a game called Warhammer. Warhammer is a ancient battlefield style game in which you control your troops and conquer other armies on the battlefield. Along the way you strengthen your army and add troops for situational purposes.

For example, if the other army is an Elvan army, the chances are the troops on that army will be using bows and arrows. My strategy is to get in close and fast, which the carvery becomes the perfect answer, plus heavily armoured troops that can withstand the shower of arrows and come in behind the carvery. As these guys are slow because they are weighed down by armour, I need other units and some magic to wipe out enemy archers, and then the rest of my troops can join in untouched and finish them off.

I am good at this game because it gives you a decent amount of time to think about your decisions. It may sound like you need to make fast decisions, but the way the action unfolds means I have time to make up my mind what to do next because despite my masterplan, things do not always go to plan. My strength is organising my army to flank, strategically attack at the right time, and to take out the biggest threat to weaken the enemy and give my army an easy finish.

2. Make sure you enjoy the game you are playing
For some reason, I see a lot of people play games that their friends like. The reason your friends want to tie you down to their favourite game is because they are good at that game. It is the game that suite them the most, and so why play anything else. Some people say it is because it is the only game they can play with their friend that is social.

There are so many games out there that offer the chance to play multi-player versus other players connected to the internet. If you really are not getting on with GTA or playing you friends at poker, then find something else that you do enjoy, or you will never reach the level of expert on any computer game. I guess the morale of the story is be more adventurous and independent. Then get your friends involved and make a deal with them that you will play their game if they also agree to play your game.

Why will these 2 tips help you?
The reason I have used these two tips in this blog is because both I regularly see people following others or just not playing games that they are good at. I was the same, and I still do like playing games like Overwatch or FIFA Football where reactions are so important.

I even still play poker in which my mathematic skills are not up to the test of fast decision making against the online poker clock. However, I know that when I need some confidence, I will always go to Warhammer and play my heart out.

These two tops will stop you thinking you are useless at computer games, which is how I once felt. They will also give you a game that you are the master. Of course, don’t be surprised if one of your friends starts playing and become better than you because the chances are, you are better than your friend at another game anyway!

What is Denuvo?

Denuvo is an anti-tampering and digital rights management (DRM) protection software used solely for PC games developed by Denuvo Software Solutions in Austria. It was formed by the business spin-off of Sony Digital Audio Disc Corporation’s Digital Works division. It is the best and most used application and anti-piracy technology platform.

It has 350 million customers issued with licenses. Their customers include game publishers, independent software vendors and e-Publishers. They provide anti-tampering and anti-cheating technology, application license management and optical media protection. Their anti-tampering technology work by preventing debugging, reverse-engineering and changing the application. The anti-cheating technology prevents programs from stealing the secrets of the game, giving the user an advantage and runs live-mode and provides a runtime application self-protection (RASP).

Lastly their optical media protection provides discs from being copied by using an advanced code encryption combined with an application license management system. The licensing management system uses algorithms to ensuring that only discs that were legally purchased can be used.

Learn more about Denuvo here.

Anti-Tampering and DRM

Anti-tampering software is and enhanced form of protection compared to its simple counterpart DRM. DRM uses small amounts of code in the servers or the discs itself to prevent copies being made and other copyright violations. Anti-tampering software prevents users from modifying the software. Some of the tampering methods used by hackers are installing rootkits, disabling security or injecting malicious code. These are all done in order to steal secure data, change the communication protocols, extract algorithms or counterfeit the product.

The First Shortfalls

             To prevent these sort of attacks it was earlier thought Denuvo used continuously encrypting and decrypting code to protect the content but this was denied by the company. The technology was first used in September 2014 on the game FIFA 15. In December of that year a Chinese hacking group, 3DM proved the software was indeed penetrable by releasing a software crack for the game Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The group also disproved the earlier theories of the software encryption by declaring that the software only used a 64-bit encryption that used unique cryptographic keys for each PC hardware. Denuvo then acknowledged that no game is unsusceptible to hacking and that it achieved a milestone as its security took about a month to crack from the release date.

This was a previously unobtainable time-frame as cracks for games usually came out within a day of release.

Recent History

Denuvo-protected games continued to be cracked by 3DM in all of 2015, but in 2016 it nearly gave up Just Cause 3 due to an upgrade in the software. They predicted that all games would be impossible to crack within two years and gave up cracking Denuvo-protected games for one year. In August 2016, the games Tomb Raider and Doom were hacked by CONSPIR4CY, another cracking group. Many games continued to be cracked by other groups and in less and less time periods till it reached only a few hours after a release. This caused some games to remove their Denuvo-protection.

Other Drawbacks

Many users have complaints that Denuvo has many drawbacks. Firstly, that it shortens the life of solid-state drives by writing excessive data to the drive. However the company claimed that data writing is not constant or excessive. That it restricts or at least makes the playing of games offline extremely difficult.

After downloading a game through a certain game-downloading platform you cannot play it with the same platform making it feel to users like even though they purchased the game they cannot play it directly with a third-party’s interference. playable back-ups of your games are restricted. Some files remain on the system even after uninstallation of the game.

If an error occurs with your payment method your account will be automatically disabled thereby blocking other Denuvo-protected games from being played. Lastly, even the director of Tekken 7 stated it was the reason for the frame-rate losses in the game.


The Best Free Card Games to Play Online

There are loads of free card games online that you can play online or on your mobile. You have the choice of playing via your browser or via downloading an app. The app games are usually the better ones if you are seeking an adventure style card game; while the browser games are generally just quick play games – saying that – some browser-based card games do come with a log on so you have an account where you can store your progress.

Let’s take a look at some of the games that are out there now.

1. Gin Rummy At the World of Card Games there is a selection of different card games you can play. One of my favourites here is Gin a.k.a. Rummy. You can play against other players online. You have the choice to play against the computer or play versus other players. The tables can have up to 17 players on them – some of those players are real people like you and the others are robots just to make up the numbers.

2. Solitaire
Everyone knows the game of solitaire ever since Microsoft Windows has this under the accessories-games menu, which was free with every Windows operating system. I remember being at work and the receptionist not having a whole lot to do would be sitting their mastering the game along with minesweeper. Nowadays, solitaire is a widespread free card game that can easily be found.

In fact, all you need to do is visit World of Card Games, the same website where you can find Gin/Rummy games, and you will be able to play a series of different solitaire games.

3. Free Poker Games
There are so many free poker games out there that this section is more generalised rather than specific. Personally, I prefer playing poker for real money, but for some people, this is way too serious and for others, it is not an option. The problem I have is that when it comes to free poker, all the skill of the game goes out the window.
Nonetheless, there are poker games out there that you can play for free that have solved this issue of people not caring what cards they have in order to go into the pot.
Check out Governor of Poker which is an adventure poker game. Now when you begin, you will need to get through other beginners. Therefore, you will need to be able to be a good enough poker player to know how to play versus those that don’t care what hand they have. As you work your way up the ranks, you will then start to play more serious players who care about their level in the game.
It is also a very fun poker game because along the way you need to amass a fortune. You can also get bank loans, by your own hat and clothes, buy property, and so on. As you begin to build up a reputation for yourself and a large enough bankroll, you will be able to play in high roller games and be able to bully the table more.
Other free poker games include the likes of PokerStars.net and Zynga Poker. To be honest, all you need to do is make a Google search or Facebook search and you will find an array of free poker games online.

4. Pontoon
Free pontoon games are usually presented by an online casino that also allows players to play for real money. This is great for anyone that wants to play pontoon for free. The reason I say this is because you can imagine how much money the online casino industry makes – trust me – it is absurd. The games on these casino platforms can be played for free as a kind of advertisement in the hope that you will start to play for real money.

The quality of these free games is amazing. This is because the gaming developers have pumped a lot of cash into the design of these games. Therefore, you get a high-quality game that you can play for free. In fact,, there are series of free card games you can get at an online casino including blackjack, baccarat, 3 card poker, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, video poker and more.

I hope you enjoyed the read and found some useful information here. These are my top 4 card games I play online and there are a whole load more out there that you can find. Just type in the search term free card games online. You will be spoilt for choice!

Happy hunting…

5 Games You Cannot Play On PC

Are you perplexed, why you should purchase a play station or Xbox this Christmas? You must be thinking that you can play any game on your regular PC too. But that’s wrong! The reason you should buy these two devices is due to their huge list of exclusives. There are games which run on only a particular format which your PC doesn’t support. The Microsoft is nor parting with the exclusive list. The buyers thus, still have reasons to buy an Xbox or play station.

Below are 5 games which are exclusive for the Play station and Xbox:

  1. Halo Wars 2

This game is developed by Creative Assembly and 343 Industries in the year 2017. This was a sequel to 2009 Halo Universe, with a few changes. New characters and new villains were introduced in order to make it more engaging. This game gives a wide view of a battle field of a war. This game has been given positive reviews from the players mainly due to its breathtaking effects and quality. It has 12 missions in all, each one revolving around the military science fiction. It also offers multiplayer mode with maximum 6 players. This game is set in 26th century and shows a war between the aliens and humanity.

  1. Forza Motorsport 7

This masterpiece is created by Turn 10 studios and published by Microsoft Studios. It’s wonderful graphics and voices have always captured the hearts of the players. Your entire room gets converted into a racing track. This is the major highlight of the Xbox. If you haven’t tried this game, then you are missing out on all the fun of owning an Xbox. This is the 10th installment and is considered to be the best out of the entire Forza motorsport series. It features over 700 cars with many configurations. This game has won the Best sports/ racing game award by, The Game awards in the year, 2017. It features many car models of Porsche, Land Cruiser and Volkswagen.

  1. Sea of thieves

This action adventure video game is developed by Rare in the year 2018. This game did not receive a very favorable reception from the players. It is mainly considered to be lacking a strong story line. It lacks the feel of the sea and pirates. Though this game has been liked by some people due to its humor yet it misses out in retaining the interest of the players. In this the players get to experience a quest to explore a different world full of cannons, ships and coins. The highlight of the game is multiplayer functionality and the ability to encounter each other during their voyage.

  1. Sunset Overdrive

This action adventure was developed by insomniac Games and was released in 2014. The game is set in the sunset city. The player gets to control the main character; an employee of Fizz Co. Fizz Co is an energy drink company whose drink has converted people into mutants. It provides a multiplayer functionality of maximum 7 players. This game has mainly received positive reviews. Its story line was found lacking by many players and lacked compelling missions. This game provides variety of weapons that can be used to kill the human enemies and robots. This is a fast paced game involving various stunts. Earlier the developers wanted to add a skateboard in the game but later decided to stick to the originality of the game.

  1. Driveclub

This racing video game is developed by Evolution Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for play station 4 in 2014. The player gets a chance to participate in the races at different locations. These locations include India, Canada, Scotland, Japan and Chile. This game has received a mixed reception from the players. The main feature of the game is that the player can create his own club. Different clubs compete against each other. The tracks are inspired by true places all across the world. It has a total of 50 cars available initially, which can be customized as per your choice.

MOBA Gaming, Dota 2, and LOL

Even before the internet, the first online games were taking place. They weren’t what we consider ‘online’ gaming today, but the idea of people playing together – from their own computers – came along soon after games themselves.

The world of online gaming has grown rapidly over the years, with various genres competing for the top spot. What customers are attracted to changes daily and if development companies want to stay competitive, they must be aware of popular trends. Some of the most popular online genres today are Shooters, RTS (Real Time Strategy), RPG (Role Playing Game), Sports, Racing and, one which has recently pushed its way into the top ranks, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena).

About MOBAs

Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) stems from RTS and is also known as Action Real Time Strategy (ARTS). It involves players taking control of a single-unit and joining forces with other players to achieve a team objective. The most common version of current MOBA games is a form of a team fight, where teams of players fight against each other in an attempt to destroy the other teams base.

The first game to bring MOBA into the world of competitive online gaming was DotA (Defence of the Ancients). Two teams of five players would fight against each other to destroy the other team’s Ancient. The popularity of DotA gave rise to other similar MOBAs. DotA 2 has since been released, due to advancements in technology – but the concept and game mechanics remained the same.

The rise of DotA 2 – www.dota2.com

When DotA was released, in 2003, the MOBA scene was relatively unheard of, compared to other genres such as RPGs and FPS (First-person shooters). This changed with DotA. The game brought a new aspect to competitive online gaming. People were able to enjoy the competitive and fast-paced action of shooters, with the story-mode and lore aspects of RPGs. This combination soon took the world of gaming by storm, and by 2018, the first and third most played games in the world are MOBAs – DotA 2 being third.

DotA, being the first of the genre, became outdated after many years. Their competitors were able to take all the aspects that worked from DotA and remodel it in ways that DotA could no longer compete with. There needed to be a drastic change if they were going to remain competitive. Their answer came in 2013 with DotA 2. A complete technological overhaul took place, leaving behind all the aspects of the original game that was obsolete and bringing in aspects that no other MOBA had to date. They did what the other games did to them – and brought out a game ahead of its rivals.

Since then the fan base for DotA 2 has grown significantly and it has become the third most played game in the world and is the most played game on Steam (a popular digital distribution platform).

Why is it popular

One of the main reasons for its popularity is the fact that DotA 2 was the original game behind MOBAs and was reliable from the start. DotA 2 is a game that combines action, adventure and fantasy. You have the capability to develop your character, by buying items – seeing the physical progression in the game, as well as the action aspect of fighting against the opposing team. This results in a game that is both competitive and addictive. Players are always trying to improve their knowledge of the various aspects of the game – trying to develop their characters as soon as possible, to try and get ahead of the opposing team.

There are so many aspects of DotA 2, which some criticise makes it too complex, but that is what most people love about it. There is always an area where you can improve. Even though a game is normally 40-60 minutes long, each game feels like a new story and a great war. You select a new character, choose a different role, buy different items and so much more.

There is also a sense of pride on the line, where you want to try your best to prove you have what it takes to beat the enemy team. Will you be supporting your friends? Or leading them to victory? Every game will be different and incredibly exciting.

Some aspects to take note of:

  • Experience level & Stats– your experience and statistics are tracked via your account level, allowing yourself, and your friends, to see how you are progressing.
  • Matchmaking – Whether you want to queue alone and find a team of people you don’t know, or queue with your friends, you can do both with the Matchmaking function in DotA 2.
  • Armory – A place where all your trophies are stored. As you play more games you will unlock certain items and bonuses that will change aspects of your character in games. These are all stored in the Armory for you to go to and change at your liking.
  • Guides – There are so many different tactics and roles to play in DotA 2 that you will never run out of new ways to play the game. By looking at guides in-game, you can even see what professional players think about various things and use this to make it easier when choosing how to approach each game.

DotA 2 is one of the most popular games in the world, and the father of modern MOBAs. If you are someone that is interested in combining strategy with action – you should be sure to check out DotA 2. With such a large community, you are bound to find other people willing to play with you and soon you will have a team of your own. Will you answer the call for the Defence of the Ancients?

League of Legends

If you are looking for an alternative to Dota 2, then check out League of Legends, who will introduce you to Dota’s fiercest rival – League of Legends. LOL was one of the first MOBA games to hit the online gaming market. It is much less complicated than Dota, but effectively has exactly the same set-up and the game’s objective is the same as Dota.

How can I become a better online gamer?

This is a question that is ignored by a lot of online gamers. You can hardly blame them because most people want to just play games to blow off some steam. It could just be that they are a leisurely online gamer so they do not get the practice in that they would get if they were a regular online gamer. However, there are those that like to win and that means taking online gaming seriously and learning how to consistently improve in order to become a better player.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to being a truly successful online player. You need to have some basic discipline in place first, then start to improve with more technical disciplines.

  1. Basic discipline need to be master initially
  2. Technical discipline comes after

You can think of this simple 2 step process like this. A bodybuilder or athlete will take much longer become an all-around success as a fitness enthusiast without core body strength. Also, another basic discipline that these sportsmen and women must have is stretching. Now, most people that get into fitness for whatever reason tend to jump straight in without stretching or core body exercises.

The result of not going through the basic steps of fitness is slowed progress. Eventually, the core strength will build, but it can take twice as long to get to the target level without it. In short, you need the basic disciplines to succeed at a quicker pace. These diciplines will be especially useful if you play for real money online – you can play บาคาร่า and lose just because you are not in the right frame of mind. The same goes for any game that you want to become a good player.

So how do core body strength and stretching relate to online gaming?

Hopefully, this is obvious. You need to have certain restraints on your gameplay before you start to improve as an online gamer. These restraints are the basic discipline.

  • Take regular breaks

Probably the most important point in anything in life is that you take breaks form whatever task you are doing. At work, if your brain is attached to one task for too long, your productivity begins to decrease. That isn’t to say you have to stop the task you are doing, but you need to take small breaks and then go back to the task. For example, when I am writing an article such as this one, if I go over 45 minutes, I will take a 15-minute break. This stops me from babbling!!!

Online gaming is the same. Play for 45 minutes and break. If you are a MOBA player, then granted some games can go on for longer than 45 minutes. That means once the game has finished, take a break instead of jumping straight into the next game.

  • Don’t play when you are stressed

For this discipline, I mean don’t play seriously when you are stressed. Some of us want to play online games because we are stressed. It helps us unwind. This is OK, but just don’t play too hard to win when you are feeling stressed. You can end up taking the game too seriously and this just results in you stressing yourself out more. This is when mistakes happen, and usually, the result is a losing streak because you are unable to control your stress. This is where we see a lot of rage gamers!

Another point here is that when the game itself stresses you out. You can be a good mood when you sit down to play, but then you start losing or your teammates make mistakes, then you stress yourself out. You should stop playing seriously and find something else to do. For instance, I play Dota 2 and if in a ranked game (which is a serious game), I get stressed, my next game will be just a normal game (where you can just practise, and a win or loss means nothing to your rating on the game).

  • Don’t play seriously when you are sleepy or drunk

Another sure-fire way to lose is playing a game when you are drunk or sleepy. This is where mistakes happen. If you feel the need to play when you are sleepy or stressed, then once again just try playing a normal game or practise game for fun. After all, online gaming is supposed to be fun.

There you have it. Just 3 basic disciplines that will help you become a better online gamer. Once you have mastered the basics, you can start to become a more serious player by watching YouTube vids and reading resources that help you understand the game you play the most much better.


Soccer Stars is Becoming a Hit Facebook Game

If you are into your Facebook games, then look at Soccer Stars. It is a game that is a cross between the virtual pool, hockey, and football that has taken Facebook gaming by storm. All players need to do is sign up via their Facebook account, download the app on iOS, Android, or Windows to begin their Soccer Stars account at level 1.

There is a huge community of players now connected to this game. This community is worldwide so as long as you have an internet connection, then you will be able to play from anywhere in the world. You will also be playing against players from all over the world. You can check your opponent’s stats and as long as the player is not a guest, then you will be able to see where they are from.

On top of this, many people can look at the Facebook account of the person they are playing and make a friend request if they wish. You can then challenge your Facebook friends to games rather than playing versus random players. Initially, if a friend did not invite you to play the game, you will be randomly matched against other players you do not know.

The idea of Soccer Stars is that you share your interest in the game and get your friends to sign up so you can swap coins with each other and play against each other for bragging rights.

Soccer Stars can be Played on Desktop or Mobile Devices

The beauty of this game and a good reason why it has come into popularity is that it can be played on almost any device that connects to the internet. The graphics are smooth and to be honest they do not need to be overly great because the game is quite simple.

Regardless of the device that you play on, the game is very smooth, and only occasionally will you experience any lag which is mainly due to a bad internet connection.

How to Play

Basically, as this is a football/soccer game there is a football pitch and a goal on either side. The sides of the pitch are solid, so you can bounce your players or the ball off the side of the pitch. This is much like a pool where you can make a shot that doubles or triples off the side of the table and into the pocket. However, rather than having pockets as in a game of pool, you have a goal (as already mentioned).

The idea is that you build up your understanding of the game through practice. That is to say that you need to figure out the angles in order to make accurate shots and score a goal. Just like a game of pool, the more you play, the more natural the game becomes and with experience, you will be pulling off some amazing shots from what initially appear like an impossible angle.

To win you need to score 2 goals and in some games, you will need to score 3 goals. The first to the set number of goals will win coins.

You will have to master defensive manoeuvres to make sure your opponent is not given open space to fire a goal with a direct line of site. You will also need to become very smart at doubling shots off the side of the pitch to etch out goals from awkward positions.

What are Coins on Soccer Stars?

The idea of Soccer Stars is to win as many coins as possible and build up a huge bank account. The more coins you have, the more coins you can win by betting the coins on games versus other players. You can also award your friend’s coins or make a cash purchase using PayPal or credit card to increase the number of coins you have.

How do I win more Coins?

You can gain coins in many ways. There are challenges that you can take that will test your skills at the game. One such challenge is to score as many goals in as little time as possible to win prizes. However, the best way to win coins is by playing against other players and winning.

There are several countries that you can play in:

  • Brazil – 25 Coins Entry Fee (2 goals wins) – Prize 50 coins
  • South Africa – 100 Coins Entry Fee (2 goals wins) – Prize 200 coins
  • Russia – 500 Coins Entry Fee (3 goals wins) – Prize 1,000 coins
  • Korea Japan –2,500 Coins Entry Fee (3 goals win) – Prize 5,000 coins
  • Qatar – 3,000 Coins Entry Fee (1 goal wins) – Prize 6,000 coins
  • Mexico – 5,000 Coins Entry Fee (Best score in 3 minutes) – Prize 10,000 coins
  • England – 10,000 Coins Entry Fee (3 goals wins) – Prize 20,000 coins
  • Italy – 50,000 Coins Entry Fee (2 goals wins) – Prize 100,000 coins

You will need to have enough coins to enter each competition. As you can see, there is a coin’s entry fee as well as prize money. Effectively a win means that you will double your coins. Before you play there are 3 main factors you need to consider.

  1. The entry fees
  2. How many goals you need to score to win
  3. The prize at the end of the game

If you lose, then your entry fee is transferred to the winner of the game. For beginners at level 1, it is recommended that you begin at the lowest level, which is Brazil and as you become more skillful at the game, then you can increase the amount you want to bet. Players betting the higher amounts may be a lower level than you, but they can still be very good, or they would not be betting such high amounts on the entry fee.

The All-In Challenge

There is an all-in challenge. This is where you bet all the coins that you have on a game. The minimum is 1,000 coins and you will be matched versus someone with a similar amount to you on the all-in game. At the end of the game, someone will lose all the coins that have built up over the course of their gaming experience on Soccer Stars.

Levelling Up

Each time you win a game or gain experience playing, your level will increase. This is just an indicator of how often your opponent has played Soccer Stars. For the most part, you will be matched up versus players of an equal level to you. When you start to get to higher levels, you will not be so closely matched, and the levels are more evenly spread in terms of skill.

An example of this would be that a level 40 player may be as good as a level 50 player, or a level 50 player as good as a level 60 player. The tiered levels can be quite spread out in this way and generally in my experience, most of the time the higher-level player will win – naturally!

Chatting with other players

You cannot directly type and chat with other players. However, there are some chat options, so you can semi-communicate with your opponent. Terms such as well player, oops, great shot, you are good can be used as pre-defined phrases. This is pretty well thought out because it stops the banter and often rude comments that can be made by some players that have full chat access to some social games.

Overall, this is an awesome game that has been introduced as a social networking challenge. It is a lot of fun and it will spark the interest of a wide range of spots players. Hockey, Snooker, Pool, and Football/Soccer players alike will all have fun playing Soccer Stars because of its unique style that has been rolled into a challenging game.

TheOneSpy Mac Monitoring Software Review

TheOneSpy is a mid-range tracking software intended for employers and parents to supervise activities performed on a MAC computer. The software offers more features than that of traditional computer spy software. Once the software is installed on the targeted mac device, the end-user can monitor and control that device from the online account of the app. There are monthly, quarterly and bi-annual subscriptions of the mac surveillance software.

What are Core Features?
What follows is the detail of the core features of mac monitoring app. Check it out!
Monitor Internet Use
Since the app is intended for employers, it offers a wide range of tools to monitor the productivity of employees. An employer can use this app to track the involvement of employees in productive and unproductive activities. The app monitors the internet use of employees and provides user-friendly statistics showing the time, date and frequency of visiting websites and searching information on Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Block Websites
You can block all the websites that restrain your employees from being productive and motivated to work. If your workers spend most of their working hours on updating their social media profiles or watching their favorite videos on YouTube, you can prevent them from using social media sites and video streaming services on Mac computers with the website blocking feature of the computer spy software.

Track Emails and Keylogger
You employees can intentionally or accidentally put the company data on risk. They may respond to phishing emails or communicate the confidential company information to competitors. This is why it is crucial to never let any email remain out of your sight. You can monitor all the incoming and outgoing emails of your employees from your own device and can even get the email addresses, usernames and passwords of all of their online accounts once operated on the monitored mac device.

Whatever appears on the screen of a monitored mac device can be tracked with screenshots. You can send a command to the monitored device to take screenshots to let you know what your worker is doing on the computer in real-time. The app takes multiple screenshots with a specified interval and stores these screenshots on the online account.

Screen Recording
Similar to screenshots, you can send a command to the targeted mac device to record screen and let you see and listen what is being played or watched on the computer in real-time. You can also schedule these screen recordings. The recorded files get stored on the online account from where these can be downloaded.

Listen to Surrounding Sounds
The mac monitoring software comes preloaded with the bugging feature that lets you control the microphone and camera of the monitored device. You can turn on the microphone of mac device remotely and can see what your target is speaking. You can listen and record the voices and sounds hearable near the mac device.

Record Surrounding Scenes
The Camera Bug feature lets you remotely capture photos and record videos of the device surroundings. These photos and short videos enable you to detect the activities of your unproductive employees. These media files get stored on the online account from where these can be downloaded.

Compatible Devices

It is compatible with MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac mini.

The supported macOS versions are 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 and 10.12.


The MAC Monitoring Software is priced at $25 for one month, $50 for three months and $75 for the six-month subscription.

The Bottom Line
There are scores of mac monitoring app readily available but TheOneSpy is a reliable, secure and midrange app for kids and employee monitoring.

Samsung Smart Watch

The Latest in Gaming Technology – Samsung Smart Watch

After the smartphone came out you would have thought that accessing the internet or playing games could not be achieved on a screen smaller than a phone. Well any of us that thought smartphones were it, then, we were all wrong. The Smartwatch era is here.

OK so the virtual 3D glasses may contest our comments, but in all honesty, these are still big in comparison to a Smart Watch.

What is the Samsung Smartwatch?

For those of you that are not yet privy to the latest watches on the market, the Samsung Smartwatch is effectively a smartphone on your wrist. It is a digit touchscreen device with a clock face no bigger than any other watch face.

Back in the day, the closest anyone came to this kind of watch technology was the – and wait for it – “Calculator Watch”.

Now I am probably showing my age now because I don’t even know if calculator watches still exist, but I do remember back in the late eighties and early nineties my school friend rocking up into class with his brand new ‘Casio Calculator Watch’. We were all amazed, and I am sure like myself, every school kid was going home to their parents asking for exactly the same watch – and that started the trend of the calculator watch.

Fast forward, and we are 2 decades into the 21st century and we have the smartwatch. It has a calculator you can be sure of that – even a scientific calculator, but that is the least of its technological attractions.

  • Fully synced calendars
  • Email – with voice reply
  • Microsoft Apps (Outlook)
  • Internet Browsers
  • A mini telephone
  • iPod capabilities
  • Background Image Changes
  • Games
  • The last one on the list is the most important of all to us. The fact that the Samsung Smartwatch also comes with the ability to play games – because we love technology of course, but we also love games!

    Games for Samsung Smartwatch

    We looked at some of the games that can be played via your Samsung Smartwatch, and we were amazed.

    Fruit Ninja App

    Now we have been told it can be a bit slow to run on the watch, but you can still get into action with the Fruit Ninja slicing up melons and pineapples vying for the highest score.

    Avalon II Slot App

    This is a well-known online slot that can also be played for real money. However, the nice thing about these virtual slot machines is the fact that the producers, Microgaming, allow players to play their games for free too. That means you get the same high-quality entertainment as a real money slot player would – but for free.

    Snakes Game App

    A little tricky to play on a smartwatch, but all the same the snake style games are fun. For some reason, at least for me, the games simplicity is just so addictive. The longer the snake gets, the better and sharper your movement needs to be, or you will crash into yourself or into the wall!

    What Other Apps Are There for the Samsung Smartwatch

    We actually did a bit of research and found the best site that gave some great advice about Samsung Watches was www.wareable.com, a pretty cool site that reviews all the Samsung watches available on the market

    Here are some of the apps they suggested that we also like:
    Uber App

    I can only say wow to this one. How handy is Uber! The fact that you can order a taxi from your watch is amazing. Especially since Smartphones seem to let us down so often these days when it comes to battery power.

    Twitter Trends App

    If you want to keep with Donald Trump’s Tweets or whatever else is trending on one of the worlds’ most popular Social Media apps, then the Samsung watch means you don’t have to keep on getting your phone out of bag or your pocket. A quick flick of the wrist and either via voice command or touch, you can bring up the #trendingtoday Twitter tags.

    Chat Hub App

    Now this is amazing if you ask me. Click on the ‘Chat Hub’ and all your chat apps can be stored here. Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp, and loads more. Once again, another handy dandy feature to have on your wrist watch if your smartphone happens to let you down – as they usually do.

    eBay App

    Not that I use eBay in the slightest, nonetheless, I can see why it is so useful. Well, this is just another feature on the Samsung Smartwatch. In the middle of trying to outbid someone else in an auction – smartphone foes dead – no worries – log onto your Smartwatch Ebay account and get that item!

    Photo Watch Pro App

    No way! A camera on your phone. No, it is isn’t!!! It is basically a photo management system. You can store photos on your watch and then change the background of your watch. How cool is that – it is like wearing a new watch every day!


    Obviously a very cool app because you can track your health. I have tried this on my own Samsung phone, but for some reason I am too lazy to keep it on track. However, if I had this on my watch, I think I might be a little more inclined to use it – as after all it is a simple tap of a button.

    You can keep track of how much water you drink each day, has recipes for weight loss, and loads of other handy dietary and fitness tools that can help you out.


    Probably the coolest app of all. If you have a home lighting system that is controlled via wireless, you can use this app to control your home lighting when you are at home or shortly before you arrive.

    As you can see, the Samsung Smartwatch is pretty amazing with a whole host of gadget to take advantage of!